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Atlanta (Georgia) Stucco FREE Quote Call NOW 24x7 Atlanta (Georgia) Contractor Repairs Install EIFS Replace Restore COST Free Quote Stucco and Atlanta (Georgia) exterior coating is very often a common material to use on floors, kitchen counters, walls, and even ceilings.

 Exterior Coating Contractors, Exterior Coating Contractors, Coating Contractors,  Exterior Coating. Contractors are usually trained professionals who can often quote estimates and do the work in a very timely manner by adding on top, fixing, or merely installing for beauty purposes. Many people hire contractors to help install Stucco stucco and exterior coating due to their often low prices and general expertise.  Stucco and exterior coating is very often a common material to use on floors, kitchen counters, walls, and even ceilings. Many people are unsure of what to do when they need to use stucco and exterior coating for various parts of their homes or businesses, and contractors can often help to take away the stress of this overall process.  Stucco Contractors, Plastering Contractors Brick or Stone - Tuck-pointing Brick or Stone Siding: Install or Completely Replace Brick or Stone Siding: Repair or Partially Replace repair contractor, synthetic stucco, stucco, general, contractor,  reclad, hard coat Synthetic Stucco - Install or Completely  Replace Synthetic Stucco - Repair or Partially Replace Tile, Stone, Marble - Clean, Grout, Polish and Maintain Traditional Stucco - Install or Completely Replace Traditional Stucco - Repair or Partially Replace.

~Stucco Repair ~

If your Georgia stucco is showing signs of deterioration efflorescence, blistering, peeling, or excessive cracking, you need our restoration service. We repair, replace or install your stucco to restore beauty and performance to your home exterior. If you own a hardcoat stucco, synthetic stucco (E.I.F.S. - Exterior Insulation Finish System), brick or stone home with stucco accents We have the experience and expertise to diagnose and solve your Atlanta GA stucco repair problems.

We provide written proposals and will schedule the work in a timely manner. We are just a phone call away! Hardcoat & Synthetic (EIFS) Stucco Repairs Do you have stucco cracks, bulges or even stucco falling off of your house? This may mean you have rotten wood under the stucco. We can help! Whether you have hardcoat or synthetic stucco (EIFS - Exterior Insulation & Finish System) We can correct the problem. We do stucco chimney repair and repair bird holes too! Diverter flashings, proper water sealing and painting with elastomeric coating are all necessary to maintain the stucco and seal out water and moisture on your home for years to come.

~Stucco-sided homes ~

Although stucco-sided homes became popular in twentieth century America, the concept of using cement mixtures in architecture goes back to ancient times. Wall frescoes by ancient Greeks and Romans were painted on fine-grained hard plaster surfaces made of gypsum, marble dust and glue.

~Stucco Techniques~

Stucco techniques were elaborated by the Italians during the Renaissance and spread through Europe. This marble dust compound could be molded into decorative shapes, polished to a sheen or painted. Many homes built after the 1950s use a variety of synthetic materials which resemble stucco. Mock stucco siding is often composed of foam insulation board or cement panels secured to the walls. Although synthetic stucco may look authentic, real stucco tends to be heavier. Walls made of genuine stucco sound solid when tapped and will be less likely to suffer damage from a hard blow. Also, genuine stucco holds up well in wet conditions. Although it is porous and will absorb moisture, it will dry easily, without damage to the structure.

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